Slide o n u Stake Pool (0% Margin until at least 2021) 1% Margin Forever 15th August: First Mainnet Block Produced

Staking Simplicity Staking Simplicity, low costs, high rewards Take the worry out of staking your ADA by delegating to UNO % Fees 1% margin for the lifetime of the stake pool, 340 fixed fee per epoch Pledge 100,000 ADA increasing over time as pool rewards are accrued $ Rewards A high ranking in the Daedalus software wallet to encourage maximum delegation and reward Monitoring Grafana Monitoring All delegators will have access to monitoring dashboards each with varying levels of detail providing full transparency of stake pool performance, reliability and many other metrics.

Fully Redundant Fully Redundant Hosting Infrastructure Multiple relay nodes each located at different sites served by their own dedicated high bandwidth Internet connection.

Each node at each site runs within a high availability active/passive virtual machine environment. Should a HA node fail or require maintenance all VMs will be migrated without loss of availability.

Infrastructure comprises HPE Enterprise Servers, HPE MSA Storage Area Networks, HPE Aruba Network Switches and Cisco Routers.

Infrastructure is powered by independent electrical circuits each of which is connected to a dedicated uninterruptable power supply which in turn power one of two power supplies in each IT component.

Slide ABOUT Cardano is a 3rd generation blockchain utilising a Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus algorithm known as Ouroboros. Owners of Cardano's native token, ADA, can delegate their ADA to a stake pool of their choice and over time receive transaction fees in the form of rewards.

In contrast to other cryptocurrency blockchains implementing PoS, an owner's delegated ADA remains unlocked and is free to spend at any time.
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