IT Infrastructure – An example installation

I’ve been providing IT services to customers for over 25 years and to achieve the highest uptime nothing is more important than ensuring that your IT equipment and services are fully redundant.

Uno stake pools are hosted on-premise, doing so ensures that, should a cloud service provider experience a global outage, a number of on-premise node operators will continue to produce blocks for the network.

On-premise and cloud based node operators are complimentary, but for an on-premise node operator to achieve similar levels of redundancy compared to a cloud service provider, significant investment in equipment is required.

Whilst at one of my hosting sites (one of four), it occurred to me to take a few photos of what such an installation may look like so that I could share that with my delegators. If you’d like to know more just ask in the comments.

HPE Advanced Rack Enclosures
Dual APC Uninterruptible Power Supplies providing stable power to servers/storage and network equipment
Dual HPE DL380 Servers and HPE MSA 2042 (inc. expansion chassis) connected via iSCSI
Aruba/HPE 5400 Core Switch configured in a mirrored redundant configuration

CERO, UNO and DOS Stake Pools all producing blocks

Within epoch 214 to date, Uno has produced 2 blocks and both Cero and Dos have produced a block each. At present only 24% of blocks are produced by stake pools so as this increases over the next few months we should expect more blocks produced per stake pool thus providing a more consistent reward average all still at 0% margin.